Shirley Douglas, Mom Of Kiefer Sutherland, Dies At 86

Kiefer Sutherland has gone country. One grinning fan stood subsequent to the 24 star carrying a custom-made T-shirt that stated I am with Jack Bauer,” referring to Sutherland’s character on the show. As a lot as I have enjoyed the writing and recording process, I am experiencing nice pleasure now with the ability to play these songs to a live viewers, which was one thing I hadn’t counted on”.
On , Jack Nicholson was doing the final speech, where he says, ‘You don’t want the reality.’ The only other actors that had been working at the moment on the set had been Tom Cruise and Kevin Bacon. Considers his father, Donald Sutherland , to be one of the biggest actors of all-time.
Join Songkick to track Kiefer Sutherland and get concert alerts once they play close to you. In 2002 Sutherland and his good buddy Jude Cole launched a small report label known as Ironworks to file and distribute music by local musicians. In 2002, Sutherland, together with his music partner and finest buddy Jude Cole, began a small document label called Ironworks.
When his character, Jack Bauer, bought a new tattoo (part of the plotline) for Season 3 of 24 (2001) as a substitute of having to go although tedious make up for every scene which the tattoo would show, Kiefer had a real tattoo inked onto his arm. His father is main man Donald Sutherland while his mother is stage actress Shirley Douglas.
Although he left the label in 2009, Sutherland wrote and recorded two songs for Cole that he thought may be picked up by different artists. Discount Code For His 2020 Live performance Tour Dates For Lower And Higher Stage Seating, Flooring recorded a few for example and people actually appreciated the best way the songs have been sounding. In 2001 Sutherland took the lead as Jack Bauer in 24 (one of many first movie stars to “stoop” to TV, because it was thought then), racking up nine seasons and bagging himself an armful of awards.

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